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Supporting the Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Program

Thank you for your support of Ironwood Ridge High School, our student-athletes, and our volleyball program. Your gift allows us to offer a unique and competitive high school athletic experience while maintaining high standards of excellence for our student-athletes in all facets of school life. Your support provides our student-athletes with the resources necessary for them to succeed on the court, in the classroom and out in the community. Your participation makes a difference.

All donations make a big impact upon our volleyball student-athletes. All money received through your generous gifts aid in the enhancement of the volleyball program through upgrades to equipment and facilities, hiring assistant coaches including a Strength Coach, purchasing of new uniforms, team travel and scholarships for students that cannot afford summer camps.

The Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Program truly appreciates your donations and continued support of its teams and student-athletes!

Arizona School State Tax Credit

Give Volleyball some credit! The Arizona Department of Revenue has issued guidelines which allow an individual income tax credit of up to $400 (joint return) or $200 (single return) for any fees contributed by an individual taxpayer to a public school for the support of extra-curricular activities (ARS 43-1089). A tax credit is a full refund of your money - this is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit off your Arizona State Income Tax Liability. This is not a deduction - you will be able to direct some of the money you owe to where you want.


Direct Donations to the Volleyball Program

Gifts to the Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Program generally may be made directly to the Volleyball Club's Student Activities Account. This type of donation or gift is different from the Tax Credit donations - these funds directly benefit the student-athletes personally by purchasing volleyball shoes, practice gear, meals and entertainment for travel, and the season-ending awards banquet.

We suggest that you consult with your tax advisor regarding donations to a school activity account.


Matching Gifts

Many corporations will match the contributions their employees make to charitable organizations and school programs. Matching gifts are a great way to increase your support of Ironwood Ridge Athletics and the Volleyball Program.

Please be sure to let us know if your company has a matching gift program.


Volleyball Sponsorships

Become the team-behind-the-team! The Ironwood Ridge Volleyball program offers opportunities for any organization to partner with the Nighthawks. Check out our Volleyball Sponsor Information page.



Capital Projects

Ironwood Ridge High School is committed to providing the very best experience for our student-athletes on and off the playing field. We take pride in supporting the academic goals of our student-athletes providing them superior facilities and investing in their athletic success. Our student-athletes deserve a dynamic educational and athletic environment. . With the help of our dedicated alumni and fans we can move forward on the capital projects listed below:

  • Beach Volleyball Facility: (Completed!)
  • Volleyball Gym; Refurbish the Court or Install new Playing Surface: (Projected Total Cost: $75,000)
  • Volleyball Gym Enhancements and Branding (In Progress)
  • Volleyball Gym Enhancements (New Sound System needed)
  • Volleyball Locker Room Enhancements
  • Beach Volleyball Facility; Install Turf on perimeter of Sand Courts
  • Beach Volleyball Facility; Install Bleachers and Permanent Fencing
  • Beach Volleyball Facility; Install Players' Clubhouse and Concessions Stand
  • Beach Volleyball Facility Enhancements and Branding (Custom Signage in fence in progress)



Home of the Nighthawks!


Every donor makes a difference, no matter the size of the gift, every dollar has a direct impact on the lives of our student-athletes.

Our IRVB Community takes pride and satisfaction in educating Ironwood Ridge student-athletes. You are providing them with a quality education, a foundation for success, and a premier interscholastic athletic experience.


Here's what we use our Donations and Tax Credit funds for in one volleyball season:

  • $ 6800 - Assistant Coaches (3)
  • $ 2400 - Strength Coach (1)
  • $ 14,750 - Varsity Invitationals
  • $ 2750 - Training Equipment
  • $ 3500 - Awards Banquet
  • $ 1250 - Stat/Video Software
  • $ 1000 - Athletic Training App
  • $ 950 - Team Meals
  • $ 850 - Charter Bus to Phoenix (2)
  • $ 750 - Post-Season Travel
  • $ 1500 - Nighthawk Awards

  • $ 250 - Player practice Gear (42)
  • $ 175 - Player Shoes/Backpack

  • $ 500 - One player to LBSU Camp
  • $ 200 - One player to NAU Camp
  • $ 150 - One player to UA Camp


Here's what we have completed with Tax Credit donations. Areas of emphasis include facility upgrades and branding, equipment, and programming for our student-athletes:

  • Sound System in Volleyball Gym
  • Nighthawk Logo on Gym Wall
  • Championship Banners
  • Legacy Pictures in Gym
  • Volleyball Coaches Office

  • Varsity Travel Bags/Equipment
  • White-boards for practice plans
  • Video Monitors for film review
  • Computer Equipment
  • HD Video Cameras



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