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Come Train with Southern Arizona's top High School Volleyball Program


This camp will focus on all aspects of the game with the emphasis on fundamentals. The camp is paced like an Ironwood Ridge Varsity practice providing skill development and competitive drills and game situations.


The Beach at the Ridge - the Nighthawks now have a Beach Volleyball Program! Come train in the sun while learning the skills and stategies it takes to be successful when playing with a partner for Beach Volleyball.


These camps focus specifically on each indoor positional skill set with an emphasis on improving individual techniques for improved execution during game situations through excellent and intensive training.


The Youth Volleyball Clinics are specially designed to introduce younger players the exciting sport of volleyball! Campers get the opportunity to learn and play with mentors that are current Ironwood Ridge Volleyball players.

Train with the Nighthawks!

Energetic personalities, remarkable facilities and a top-flight coaching staff make it easy to see why the Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Camps are considered one of Southern Arizona's best high school volleyball camps. The Camp Program is specially designed to create a positive learning environment for everyone who attends. 

What separates Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Camps from others is the experienced coaching staff, the low player-to-coach ratio, the competition and level of play among the campers, and the affordable cost compared to other volleyball camps.

Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Camp Features

  • Fun, fast-paced practice plans for all sessions
  • Age and Ability Grouping for individualized instruction
  • Projected player-to-coach ration of 8 to 1
  • Air-Conditioned Facilities (except for the Beach Camps!)
  • Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Camp T-Shirt
  • Watermelon Wednesdays in July! Chocolate Milk at the end of camps!
  • Video Review for the Positional Skills Camps
  • Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Coaches at all Sessions
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